Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Look...

My good friend, Sura, at Red Plum Linen has kindly given me a sneak preview of her stunning new bedding fabrics and I'm very excited to be able to share these images with you over the next few days.

Here is the first collection featuring her new Vintage Rose and Candy Lattice fabrics.

 New bedding for girls from Red Plum Linen

Aren't they absolutely beautiful? And fresh? I love how Sura combines all her different fabrics here how she has added the Sage Polka Dot sheets and Sage Lattice throw cushion to create a truly individual look. 

I think our Sarah Jane Danse Avec Moi prints would be a perfect addition to this setting.

We have these available now in two sizes: 8x10 inches and 11x14 inches. And in five different colour ways. Please email me if you are interested.

There's some gorgeous new fabrics for boys too. I promise to share these with you tomorrow.



Digella said...

Oh that is so sweet. I too love the combinations of fabrics.

I am off for a visit to her site now. Looks like something my little girl might be getting in her room before too long!

Kris Leigh said...

Oh my, that bedroom linen would be PERFECT in my 8yr olds bedroom *sigh*

sura Bolt said...

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for this, Miss M was very excited to see her photo too!

love your blog + the sarah jane prints which are adorable.

I saw your post on lilacs, i am getting my polka dot + stripe done in lilac, just fine tuning the shade now so should be available in a month or so.
Will send photos when ready.

sura x

Kim@Living with Little People said...

Just wondering if the wood cut elephants on the nightstand are a lamp or purely decorative? They're lovely and the danse avec moi in blue would absolutely complete the scheme.

Gelati Art said...

Hi Kim, the elephant stand is a decorative piece that girls can hang their jewellery and hair accessories on. I was selling them in my Gelati Art store but they are unfortunately a discontinued item. We do, however, have a similar item - a cute Squirrel Tree - if you are interested. Thanks for popping by my blog. Cheers, Vanessa.


Hi Vanessa - Thanks for popping by my blog...lovely to meet you. Really sweet blog - so clean and crisp but colourful !! Gorgeous art prints and love the vintage floral fabric above xx Kate