Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling Fresh Today

We're feeling a little fresh today after receiving a lovely blog-makeover by the very talented Katrina Chambers.

I hope you like our new look? I'm totally loving it and can totally recommend Katrina's services. She's one very talented and super-efficient lady.

Thanks Katrina! And thanks A-M over at Cape Cod Designs for the recommendation.



A-M said...

Oh I got your comment Vanessa, thank you. Katrina did a beautiful job.. soooo clean and fresh. I love her style... no clutter! Most of our house stuff is in storage now but our little Gelarti Art Pirate is with us here in our apartment, propped up on our bedside table... little snippets of home! A-M xx

my little jedi said...

Looks fantastic, well done!
So fresh and so clean :)
pops by 'my little jedi' and say hi xx