Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Sense of Occasion

When it comes to celebrating special occasions the Royals certainly seem to have this down pat. I recently had the pleasure of attending the Christening of my nephews' Hugo (my brother and his wife's son) and Christian (my sister and her husband's son) - a double cousin Christening or a "Monster Christening" as my brother described it. It was a joyous family day that saw three large families come together from far and near.

My nephews were decked out in splendid Christening outfits, not dissimilar to those pictured above - Christening outfits that my Mum had purchased 25 years ago when we were only children in readiness for this very day. We thought she was off her head at the time. I distinctly remember us saying to her, "How do you know we will even have kids" and her replying, "You will". Now, all these years later we are grateful for her wacky ways - having these special garments for our babies to wear on their special day certainly helped create a sense of occasion. Thanks Mum! x

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