Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nice work...if you can get it and a much needed update

International Modelling Super Star

I just read an article about this little miss and how she earns a tidy $250,000 a year modelling. She's worth it I reckon. She's totally gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as my two little models who sadly do it all for love.

 Local Beauties

Isn't this photo of them lovely? It was taken recently by the very lovely and talented Naomi Vasington of Naomi V Photography who I had the pleasure of meeting with the also very lovely and talented Bianca Shugg, Editor of Peekaboo magazine. They came over to my place recently to do a photo shoot for the next issue of the magazine, which we are being featured in!! I'm so excited!! I simply can't wait for it to come out.

The kids and I had a wonderful day with Bianca and Naomi which is evident in the photos. Here are some of my favourites:

Work it baby!

As you can tell from this image Alex absolutely loves having his photo taken. At this point in the shoot he had completely lost all inhibitions and was cracking us all up with his posing.

Pretty in pink

Bella also enjoys having her photo taken and like her brother is becoming quite the pro. Here she is looking lovely in her bedroom.

 The sunroom shot - loving my green and white painted floorboards!

As well as participating in this fabulous photo shoot I have been very busy finalising our first shipment to New Zealand - and quite a large one at that (it took my dear hubby and me 8 hours to pack it on the Anzac Day holiday. Thank you, John. You're the best!) I still can't believe Gelati Art is going international. I hope our friends across the Tasman will love the range. Certainly if interest is anything to go by it will be very successful.

Last month I had our busiest ever Mathilda's Market in Brisbane. It felt like a Christmas market there were so many people. I sold out of just about everything I took with me. Thank you to all my loyal customers for stopping by and hello to all my new customers.

And while on the subject of Mathilda's a huge apology to Sydney Mathilda's Market customers for our absence at Lane Cove two weeks ago. Unfortunately I fell ill the day I was supposed to fly out and was unable to make it down. We're hoping we'll be accepted for the next market which is on the 8 August so we can meet all the lovely Mathilda's followers in Sydney's North and Lower North Shore (my old stomping ground).

Finally, I've been working on some new products - some fresh new prints and posters - in between dispatching orders to shops in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and the Barossa and online customers Australia-wide.

So that's why my blog postings have been lacking of late. My apologies. It's been busy times.

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Oh my, I adore your blog!! I found it through a link Naomi V posted on Facebook - so, so beautiful :)) Vanessa x (